ingatlan; eladó lakás; kiadó lakás; ház; lakás; eladó; ingatlankezelés; property; flat; house; flat for sale; rental; rent; kínai ingatlan iroda

Property Management

Property Management

Our company is one of the property management companies in Budapest with a 5 years of experience, offering full range of property management services in Budapest.

With a client-orientated attitude, we are able to assist with letting, renovating, managing the tenant and furnishing your property, providing full assistance.

Our business is structured to meet your demands. You expect a first class service and to succeed in this we must let properties for the highest return, find reliable tenants and minimise empty periods.

We provide you with detailed reports including monthly income and expenditure statements and regular updated inspection reports on the condition of your property and its contents.

We organize and manage all maintenance services, including the checking and repairing of electric devices, heating systems, domestic appliances and equipment etc. We will also provide your tenants with comprehensive instructions as to all the operational issues related to the safe and secure running of your property.

Representing the duties of owners

  • Signing the rental agreement in the name of the owner
  • Managing the handover of the property
  • Personal, regular contact with the tenant(s)
  • Keeping contact with the common representative
  • Liasing with the gas, electricity and water suppliers
  • Managing municipality administrations

We manage all financial issues

  • Collecting the rental fee, common cost and utilities
  • Paying the incoming bills
  • Reporting the positions of the meters every month
  • Keeping records of the utilities
  • Managing and collecting late-payments and non-payments
  • Managing accounting services
  • Managing insurance of the property
  • Preparing and sending the balance of the owner every month
  • Sending the money to the Owner every month

Regular maintenance

  • Regular checking of the condition of the apartment
  • Cleaning the property
  • Managing maintenance and reparations
  • Planning and organizing the renovation, a furnishing of the property
  • Managing all insurance related reparations